Monday, March 24, 2014

A cheerful quilt

Idaho is good for my well being, I have been engaging my hobbies more frequently. My first quilty finish is a quilt for Miss Josie.
5 month old Josie
Two charm packs, half a yard for binding, stolen moments with my sewing machine, and a couple bits of frustration (I had to rip out my first quilting attempt)... Josie now has her very first quilt.


  1. Beautiful.

    I totally agree about Idaho. We love it here in Southwest Idaho. We have been here almost 23 years.

    Very cute baby.


  2. This photo made me smile. I have a photo of our youngest son, in almost the exact same pose, with the almost exact same expression on his face, lying on his baby quilt. They must have been the same age (or so) when the photos were taken! :)