Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Normal

This is the first time in 4 months that I finally feel like I'm able to breathe again. The good news is that Chris did get a very 11th hour job offer. He only applied because it was literally a one-click thing, as the district already had his application on file. He was back home after a 30 minute interview and inside I completely freaked out, thinking he didn't have the job - that's just way too short of an interview time! But no, they loved him and hired him two hours after the interview, even though they said they weren't to contact him until the next day.

We also have a new-to-us car, as my grandfather is downsizing his household and sold us his minivan for a steal of a deal. My monthly payment is a small check, several pictures, a hand painted card and a lengthy handwritten note.

I have started several projects in the last 4 months, but no finishes. Unless you count finishing my journal, a whopping 254 pages! I feel like it's a good documentation of our first year in Idaho, a lot of stress and struggles but no regrets. This is home for us.

My doTERRA business is really starting to take off. For the longest time it was just a trickle of income, but this month I finally broke the $1,000 mark! I'm not aggressive salesperson at all, it's been a 4.5 year journey to reach this point. But definitely feeling a lot of thankfulness and hope for my growth.

2015 feels full of hope for me. And I hope that includes more blogging!

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