Friday, July 25, 2014

The job hunt

We used to be more picky, applying for certain jobs in certain locations. But as time and money run low, I've come to realize that I can make any place a home in exchange for a full time job. There was only one place where I truly struggled to see myself living in - because I couldn't find any rentals. Didn't matter, the job was already filled.

That's something else we're learning. If we see a job that Chris qualifies for... APPLY! Especially if it's a brand new listing. The quicker you get your name in the pool of applicants, the better your chances of an interview.

I've lost track of how many applications we've filled. Some were filled, but never sent because we'd call them right before sending and they'd inform us the job was filled. Only two interviews thus far. One school decided to reshuffle internally and not hire at all. The other school ended up selecting somebody else. In both interviews they really liked Chris, said he interviews well. That whatever school does hire him will be a lucky to have him. Ok... so where is that lucky school?!

I never give up hope though. I keep pushing through, keep searching ahead for the next job we can apply. I just try to use the failures to see what we did wrong. Take the lessons learned from previous applications and apply them to the next. And pray, beg, and trust that God knows exactly what's the best for us.

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